Speak Up

Speak Up is a company-wide facility in PBU for you to confidentially raise your concerns over actions and behaviour that you feel may be improper, unsafe, unethical or even illegal; issues that you feel you cannot raise with your manager or through normal procedures. You can do this via a 24/7 telephone helpline, which is run by an independent specialist provider.

Speak Up is an integral part of how PBU ensure that we uphold the highest operational and ethical standards, which are so vital to PBU reputation.

The Speak Up Toll-Free Number is 0800-1-401393

How does Speak Up work?

What it is:
It is a free telephone number (when dialled from a land-line. Calls from mobile phones will be charged at the standard rate set by the airtime provider) that our people can use to raise issues in confidence.

·         All issues are handled by specialists, who are not employed by PBU. The company we employ are Global Compliance Services, who currently provide this service for over 12 million employees in more than 1,450 organisations throughout the world.

·         Contact is completely confidential and there is no requirement for the employee to leave your details, unless you wish to. The more information provided during the call the easier it will be for Global Compliance to investigate concerns raised. As a minimum it is always preferable to provide information on your location and the location of the concern you are referring to (if these are not the same).

·         If the employee wants feedback or an update, you can re-contact 'Speak Up' using a unique identification number 14 days after your original report was made. 

·         Each report is forwarded to a specially trained 'Case Manager' who conducts a confidential investigation into the reported issue.

What it is not:
The 'Speak Up' programme is not an opportunity to:

·         circumvent existing grievance procedures 

·         harass colleagues by making false allegations

Anyone found deliberately making false accusations with the purpose of harming or retaliating against another employee and/or trying to prevent someone from raising concerns will be subject to disciplinary action.

What sort of issues might people raise?
Any issue where people feel that something illegal, improper, unethical or unsafe might be taking place that you feel unable or uncomfortable raising with your manager. This might include: Improper use of company assets; Conflicts of interest; Misuse of confidential information; Falsifying reports; Harassment & discrimination; Environmental issues; Theft; Unlawful conduct.