Our Support Services
PBU provides support services (including housekeeping, laundry, landscaping and facilities management) to clients located in remote areas or on offshore rigs and vessels.

Large-scale accommodation centres for thousands of workers are a cross between a very large hotel or resort facility and a small town or village. They have all the amenities to manage day in day out and all the aspects of community life to consider for people who are often a long way from home and rotating in and out.

We make every aspect of ‘village life’ run smoothly for the comfort and safety of the workers on site:
  • Welcoming them on the first day they arrive in camp;
  • Making the bed they get in;
  • Running the shuttle bus that takes them to work;
  • Serving the food they eat for dinner;
  • Arranging their recreational activities; and
  • All the infrastructure that sits behind this.
For the workers, it’s a home away from home. For our clients, it’s an efficient, well-run, tightly cost managed camp, working to its optimum.

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