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Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development

The core principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embraced at every level of PBU’s Management and demonstrating this at site level is paramount to being able to successfully operate in the areas we work.

The CSR programs we develop are conceptually very similar but it is important to understand that each program must be tailored to suit the site specific characteristics that exist. Regardless of where we operate different considerations must be factored into a sustainable CSR project. Key factors that need to be taken into account include the area, population, geographical boundaries, communication challenges, cultural tradition, religion, climate, government bodies, client programs and a host of others.

CSR is not simply Community Development and a blanket corporate approach to this extremely sensitive and important obligation will invariably fail unless each project or area we operate in is assessed independently to ascertain the best approach and program structure to adopt.


It is also extremely important to ensure that any program we plan to implement and support is not in conflict in any way with the programs that our client and potentially the government has planned or has funding allocated for. The overlapping of programs creates confusion, drains valuable resources and funding. This is especially important when it comes to employment opportunities and the decision making procedures on how these are distributed to the communities that are directly impacted by a projects existence.


PBU’s objective is to live in harmony with the communities that surround the areas we operate in.

PBU will develop and implement programs that will contribute positively to the communities growth and well being.

Our Programs Objectives

  • To enhance the welfare of people within the surrounding communities where we operate.
  • To create sustainable and long-term opportunities within communities to be independent.

Our Partners in Development

  • All people living in the local community.
  • Government
  • Businesses and Private Entrepreneurs.

Selection Criteria for Our Programs

  • Must be within our companies financial capabilities.
  • Must compliment the communities needs.
  • Positively impact society and lifestyles.
  • Able to be maintained eventually by the community.
  • Geographically impartial.